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Our Additional Services in Silver Spring, Maryland

Finger Printing Services in Howard

Our Additional Services :

  • Finger Printing Service
  • Passport photos Service
  • CPR/First Aid/ACLS/BLS
  • Notary Service

Finger Printing Service


Live scan fingerprints are an inkless, electronic system designed to capture an individual’s fingerprint images and demographic data (name, sex, race, date of birth, etc.) in a digitized format that can then be transmitted to the MD State Central Repositor (CJIS) for state background check processing. The data is forwarded to CJIS over a highly secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) and then processed by CJIS’s Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). Once received at CJIS for processing, the inquiry can then be forwarded to the FBI for electronic processing of federal background checks. All of this occurs within minutes and results in a biometric identification of an individual with little or no human interaction. Live scans can be used for criminal justice, government licensing, employment or other private use.

Live Scan fingerprinting is the very best way to get your background checks completed in record time and with the most accuracy.

Ink Finger Printing Service
  • Ink Fingerprint (FD-258)

Ink Fingerprints perform traditional Ink fingerprints on an FD-258 card. Ensuring precision and reliability to unveil a clear portrait of integrity.

Passport Photos Service :


Passport photos are $10.00 for a set of 2 photos
that are printed on high-quality photo paper

Passport Photo Services in Frederick


  • We provide you the courses you need to attend to urgent situations.

Here at M&D Healing Home Healthcare Solution LLC, we offer comprehensive CPR/First Aid and BLS/ACLS trainings and certification to healthcare enthusiasts.

Our instractional programs are designed and tested by professionals, who draw on the talent and experience of an outside consultant and recognized experts in the field, and are consistent with national standards and include medical innovations.

Notary Service:

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