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Dietary and Nutritional Services in Silver Spring, Maryland

M&D Healing Home Healthcare Solution LLC provides dietary consultations for families and seniors who may need assistance making sure they eat the right kinds of food to stay healthy and happy. Eating right can slow the progression of some diseases and help control specific symptoms.

What is a Dietician, and How Can They Help?

A dietician is someone who has certification and training in the medical field. They understand how a particular diagnosis requires changes to your diet, and they help people understand what their meals should include. When you work with a dietician, you can expect:

  • Education about what foods are best based on current health status and risk factors
  • To learn what types of foods to avoid
  • uggestions on ways to limit unhealthy foods
  • Information about fad diets

Who Benefits Most From a Dietary Consult?

Most people enjoy eating out once in a while or adding some tasty treats to their meals. Dietary consultants help when this becomes a chronic issue, or a doctor becomes concerned about the lack of a balanced diet. People who benefit from dietary consultation include:

  • Individuals with dietary restrictions they have difficulty meeting like diabetics
  • Anyone with a high risk of heart disease or other medical conditions that can be potentially avoided with a healthy diet
  • Individuals who do not know how to create a balanced meal plan
We understand that sometimes convenience gets in the way of eating a healthy meal. Nurses at M&D Healing Home Healthcare Solution LLC is here to change that by making healthy meal planning easy, affordable, and convenient for you and your loved one. Our team works with each client to create a meal plan that meets their tastes and is good for them. We make sure each meal has a proper balance of nutrients.

Nutritional Meals are Essential

As people age, their bodies cannot absorb the same amount of nutrients from food and drinks so monitoring the type of food seniors eat is vital. Without essential vitamins and minerals, they may face symptoms related to deficiencies or experience mood disorders like depression. We have the expertise necessary to create comprehensive nutritional meal plans for seniors who may need assistance determining which foods are best for their current health status and lifestyle.

The Benefits of Choosing Nutritional Planning Assistance

M&D Healing Home Healthcare Solution LLC provides quality services and companionship for our senior clients. A meal is more than getting the right balance of fruits and vegetables. It is also a social activity. Loneliness can impact mental and physical health in older individuals, and our trusted team of caring men and women provide each client with a supportive social connection. We go the extra step to keep your loved one healthy.

Nutritional meal planning assistance includes the following benefits:

  • Ensuring each meal has the right mixture of carbs, proteins, and other nutrition
  • Creating meals that meet cultural and dietary restrictions
  • Giving a social connection to seniors living alone

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M&D Healing Home Healthcare Solution LLC offers Dietary and nutritional services for seniors living in Silver Spring, Maryland and surrounding areas including Howard, Baltimore, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Anne Arundel, Frederick and Baltimore (city). You or your loved one will feel better after switching to a meal plan that makes your well-being a top priority. Reach out today to learn more about how our team can help you make healthier food choices.

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